MaXXX Bulge: Massive Saline Cock, Balls & Tits
So many saline bags… So little Time

I just wanna update you all on my saline inflation situation. I have a TON of saline and 10% dextrose bags sitting and begging for me to infuse my dick and balls to massive proportions. I have always wanted to try 10% dextrose which will make my junk swell up insanely large but I am pressed for a window of oppertunity which could change at any day. Be keeping you posted

Ok my personal Tumblr is back online!

Ok I haven’t played on here much lately but then I kept getting followers and thought, what the hell!

Anyways, whether you have been keeping up or not. I am the webmaster at I also run my size fetish tribute blog at

I figure I need to run my own personal blog to keep everyone up to date with my personal life and when my next infusions will be to get fucking huge!

You’re gonna see a lot more of me from here on in! Oh, also, expect a revamp of my Tumblr blog in the next coming days!

Let’s get HUGE!

- MaXXX Bulge


Sry folks I have been busy but I am back. My new blog is almost up on my new site dedicated to everything sexy and huge.

Darn delays…

Well my next growth spurt will be in 6-7 days. Had some unexpected company and walking around with 10 lbs of balls isn’t really an option at the moment lol.

But I have my supplies so be patient, yet excited :D

Goodnight everyone

Me watching some family guy, Showing off my massive junk. Enjoy!

Ahh an average day

Hey Everyone, Maxxx here. Nothing major to report. I’be been busy replying to A LOT of emails of people have sent me. It’s nice to read fan mail and well wishes from you all. Brightens my day.

So today I got alot of exercise and ate real healthy which are my new resolutions. Life is too short not to be happy and healthy! Just moved into my new apartment which is actually really spacious and open concept. I got my entertainment systems mostly all set up and subscribed to a new unlimited internet service provider.

Internet here in Canada is a rip off and you need to go to a 3rd party company in order to get unlimited internet. Its sad really. But no longer! lol.

On another topic, I have my supplies ordered for a huge mega saline session. next week and ordered myself an HD cam for all the fun that will ensue. Stay tuned!

Hey, I'm really interested in starting saline infusions. Do you have any links to helpful sites for how-to's? I'd also like to know where you buy your equipment and for how much.

I am securing a new supplier this month. I buy locally within my city

i love your pics very sexy